The African Gifted Foundation is led by African and UK executives and educational experts determined to provide an opportunity for Africa’s gifted children to develop to their full potential.

African Gifted Foundation has partnered with world class organisations with expertise in mathematics and computing to deliver a unique educational experience.

There were 113 student participants from 10 countries, at this year’s AGF in the AITI Centre in Accra, the host of the event which was the 4th AGF Study week and the 2nd in Ghana. It took place between the 21st of August and 27th of August, 2013.

23 brilliant, gifted and talented students represented Nigeria in this Year’s Academy in Ghana out of which the following 5 Students represented Day Waterman College:

Mofope Olarinmoye

Ijeoma Nwuke

Hosea Ogeleka

Chituga Weli

Dabi Olu-Odugbemi

Amazingly all these students also had an A* in the 2013 early IGCSE Examination.

Amongs the areas of emphasis in this Year’s AGF Study week are:

Codes & Ciphers, Space Science, Financial Trading, Production, Astronomy to mention but a few

DWC students did not just participated in the study week, they made an impact as usual.

They got the following Award:

Ijeoma Nwuke was rated high as an excellent student

Dabi Olu-Odugbemi was discovered as the most inquisitive student asking questions that threw the expert off-balance

Hosea Ogeleka was rated as the young boy with the BIG BRAIN after scoring 28/29 in a gifted test.

Mofope Olarinmoye was selected along with three other students to give the closing ceremony speech on the last day in the presence of the top Dignitaries and Professors in Accra.

The organisations which supported us and the professional people of Ghana, made this event a great success, so we can confidently plan to return to Ghana next summer to run a much larger Academy.

African Gifted Foundation Study Week is a program every Gifted Child should look forward to.




DWC Gifted Students participated in AGF Study Week in Ghana from Aug. 22nd - Aug. 28th 2012

We led a group of students to Accra on the 23rd August, 2012 to attend a programme organized by a group of experts from the UK. The programme, as the name implies, is principally for African gifted students; African students of unusual ability and talent. In Nigeria six (6) schools indicated their interest to attend the programme, but only three (3) were shortlisted: Day Waterman College, Ogun State, Henry Alex Duduyemi School, Osun State, and Mercy Land College, Ogun State.

Four students were entered; only two of them would be taken—the two had to be the very best of the best, the icing on the cake. The organisers were of the opinion all the four candidates selected from our school were all excellent students but they just had to select two; so the final shortlist came down to two names: Master Ichechi Weli and Anita Obasahon. The other students’ intellectual ability was undoubted and appreciated–they were asked to re-apply for the next Study Week programme.

The same routine happened in the other schools—the very best from Mercy Land College and Alex Duduyemi represented their school, and, by extension, Nigeria.

The students were exposed to intensive teaching, skill acquisition and learning. Some of the things they learnt included: codes and ciphers, space exploration and science, and lots more. The intensive teaching lasted for 5 days; what followed on the last day of the programme were motivational talks from resource persons, achievers and noted youth mentors who shared with the students their humble beginnings, striving for the top, passion for success and the tough but enjoyable road to fulfilment in life. They also shared their secrets of excellence in their chosen careers and professions.

Speakers after speakers made it known that their main passion in life was how to solve African’s peculiar challenges and those of the whole world. The students were made to understand that it was people who invented aircraft, electricity and many more things which have improved our standards of living today; these things were not invented by spirits, but humans who believed they could do them. Africans, too, can do the same for the whole world to enjoy. The whole world waits for the invention and fruits of critical thinking from the Africans. The main purpose of the Academy, the African Gifted Foundation, is to change the mindset of African Youths in the direction of exploring their environments and making use of what is there to make the world a better place for people to live in. The students were challenged to question useless and limiting dogmas.

The teaching and experiences were so rich and enlightening that I too began to think how I can draw inspiration from my youthful years and begin to make a difference now on a consistent basis, not minding my age. The programme lit a fire within me and set me thinking big!

My candid advice to all the students who have had the privilege of attending the programme is that they should adhere to every lesson’s tip learnt. I am convinced that any child that does this will, undoubtedly, leave a positive imprint on the world around him/her.

The African Gifted Foundation is a fantastic programme that every student should strive to be a part of. The programme ended on the 27th August, 2012.


DWC Gifted Students participated in AGF 2012 Study Week in Uganda from Jan. 6th - 13th 2012

On the 5th of January 2012, Kingsley Amuta and I led a group of 7 students including Basmah Salami and Osadee Fadaka both in year 10 to Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda to attend a study programme on African Gifted Foundation that took place from on the 6th – 13th of January 2012.

The African Gifted Foundation is an annual program for the gifted students and it is organized by African and UK executives and educational experts that are determined to provide an opportunity for African gifted children to develop to their full potential. The academy session is a week study program that brings carefully selected gifted young people across the continent.

A number of schools were approached to put in their finest students for selection, out of 25 students that applied for the study across Lagos, Ogun and Osun States only 7 were selected to attend the study program. They are student from Alex Dudu Yemi, King’s College Lagos, Mercy Land International School Abeokuta, Alaba Lawson College Abeokuta, Sacred Heart Catholic College Abeokuta and Day Waterman College which is of course the mother school anchoring the selection process in Nigeria.

The students were exposed to life changing educational experience and were giving series of teaching about financial and commodities trading, cyber  security ,a space scientist from the UK space Academy, the codes breakers from the most Bletchley park ,resource persons from highly reputable companies and some famous successful business men came to share their humbly experiences with the students.

Day waterman students were highly recognized, a quote from an esteemed observer – Ms. Uduak Amimo and a reporter with CNN was ‘I was very impressed with your students and I hope to see their names alongside their achievements in the future and one of the organizers –  Mr. Archie Matheson also said ‘It was fantastic having the Nigeria contingent again. Osadebamwen Fadaka in year 10 won the best East African chess champion in the chess competition program. Basmah Salami won the best online trading game and another Nigerian student – Tamilore from Henry Alex Dudu Yemi was the best in Codes and ciphers.

Day Waterman students are presently sharing their experiences with other students.