At Day Waterman College we believe that every pupil is entitled to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. To this end we ensure that our students who demonstrate ability that is exceptional for their chronological age are encouraged to excel, and through fostering a learning climate they are able to reach their full potential.

All members of staff will identify students with exceptional ability and formulate work that is appropriate for them. The college has appointed two member of staff with responsibility of overseeing and monitoring progress of students in this category. Higher achievement includes the area of general intellectual ability, specific aptitude and talent, leadership, creative or performing arts, and physical prowess.

Various and varied methods and strategies are used for teaching of higher achievers: no one-size-fits-all will ever be successful. Opportunities for students to reveal, apply and extend their abilities are best met through a curriculum which is differentiated, creative, challenging and offers a range of responses, all of which dovetail into the Founder’s stated target of “surpassing the most demanding standards” of any educational establishment in the world.