Life is all about opportunity.  In a society of good men and women, poverty should not be a barrier to self-actualization

— Tayo Aderinokun

DWC Indigent Student Scholarship Scheme

The scheme was established in 2008 by the Founder and Pioneer Chairman of the Board of Governors of Day Waterman College, Late Mr. Tayo Aderinokun MFR, who believed that quality education should not be exclusive to children of wealthy or privileged.

Our vision is to provide in this environment an equal opportunity institution where young boys and girls, unhampered by the limitations of social status or financial strength, can study, grow and play together, united by the values of knowledge and excellence. Tutored to become men and women of character that are placed on the starting block of a future leadership.  Our belief is that poverty should never stand in the way of brilliant students.

The Scheme is set to achieve the following:

  1. To provide scholarship for intelligent students of school age.
  2. To give the successful students a good, quality education.
  3. To seek for exceptional talents, who will contribute to the society, serve the nation and humanity.
  4. To boost self confidence in these indigent students through their interactions with other students from different backgrounds.


Our Goal

Up to 30% of the places in the school have been reserved for talented students of poor parentage who excel in the qualifying exams.
The Indigent Student scholarship scheme is being funded by donations from philanthropic-minded individuals and organizations but the task is challenging because the funding needs are high.  It costs about N3.7 million per annum to cater for the tuition and boarding of a child.

How to Support the Endowment Fund


We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give

— Winston Churchill

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