Bennie W., a veteran of World War II who served in the US Marine delivered a great lecture in touching the lives of the less privileged. The lecture was not given on a podium, neither was it delivered in words. It was exemplified in a moving way. What exactly did he do?

During the course of his lifetime, Bennie visited the blood centre over 240 times, donating a pint of blood each time he visited. At the time of his death, the total blood donations he had made were estimated to be over 30 gallons! And, in his words before he breathed his last breath: ‘Since I am not rich enough to give money or clothe to the less privileged, I decided to give what I had – my blood’. Imagine that! Can you beat it?

Thank God! We at Day Waterman College – students, teachers and our esteemed parents, have more than blood to give. We have our little money, and in our customary culture, we extended a hand of kindness to our adopted ‘children’ – the existing and yet-to-come pupils of Zion Primary School Asu, NUD Primary School Magbagbeodun.

On Sunday, our students gave charity offerings during the church service. The crowning moment of the event was the Ankara Day when the true beauty of students and staff members was brought to light as we all stepped out radiantly in our shades and cuts of ankara fabric – the pride of Africa. What a damage suits, ties, blouses, skirts, shirts and trousers could do to beauty and handsomeness! We missed the presence of our Principal though; I am yet to see him in ankara.  Behind the scenes of the photos and the paparazzi, donations, handsome ones at that, rolled in from students and staff members – more especially from our students. God bless the inventor of the Ankara Day! I never knew that one could make giving a fun. I am proud of our students whose generous donations softly reminded us all that we need not be rich to give, neither do we need to have grown to adulthood. Giving is a spirit – and if giving is a crime, it’s fun and worth committing.

Reader, if Bennie could donate so much volume of precious blood, how far are you willing to go in making someone smile?

This is the essence of our glamourous Ankara Day – a day of beauty, a day of gaiety, a day of elegance, a day of total fun, a day of relief, and above all, A DAY OF MAKING THE LIVES OF A FEW PEOPLE BETTER.