The Students of DWC has just completed a renovated work on windows and doors for Zion school, Akia.

The Community Service arm of these brilliant students of DWC did renovate these building in 2009, but due to termite’s invasion in the village; the woods were badly damaged again.

This year, we decided to change all the windows and doors to metal so as to create a better learning environment for the pupils of Zion School as well as to provide security for their school belongings.

We sincerely appreciate donations and support. Please send donations & Cheques to DAY WATERMAN COLLEGE CHARITY.

This year, December to be precise we will be organising our annual Christmas party for the pupils, staff and villagers of Akia, Magbagbeodun & Asu Village. Please support us by sending in used clothes, shoes, bag etc of your children, food items – Rice, Vegetable oil, drinks etc.