2020 IGCSE Result
Celebrate with us our Top 32 Students that graduated with exceptional IGCSE Results.
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Just as we resume recently, we have done it again! Do you remember the;COBIS Young Scientist Film Award in 2018 (Special Recognition)COBIS Young Scientist Film Award in 2019 (KS3 First Runner Up)COBIS Young Scientist Film Award in 2019 (KS4 Winner) Now our talented and highly dedicated Key Stage 3 students (Oluwaseyi Osinubi, Gwendolyn Gbadamosi, Valerie...
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Drumroll !We ended another week on a very high note, while we were still reminiscing on the exquisite Anniversary Dinner that took place last week Saturday, then we woke up to the news from @cobisorg We won in two categories of the @cobisorg Young Scientists Film Award (Winner of the KS4 category and 1st Runner-Up of the KS3...
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It is indeed a great time for everyone at Day Waterman College as we receive Mr Duncan, our new Principal…
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