Indigent Scholarship Fund

Our story so far!

Day Waterman College is an international secondary school which opened its doors to the first set of students in September 2008. The school boasts of modern facilities and a teaching staff comparable to those of the best schools in the world.

The Day Waterman College Indigent Student Scholarship Fund was set up by the late Mr. Tayo Aderinokun (Founder of the College) to provide children from impoverished backgrounds with the world class education Day Waterman College has to offer. It was his vision that no child should be left behind in the educational race of life by way of poverty or lack of opportunity.

The scholarship scheme was designed to shape the lives of young impressionable children, to give them hope of a better tomorrow and bring out their leadership traits. Since inception in 2008, the fund has catered for 39 scholarship students and currently sponsors 11 students. However, our goal is to grow the fund annually in order to maintain the provision of future scholarships.

Our scholarship students in DWC are very bright, focused and passionate and they are making very good use of the opportunity the fund has afforded them, having excelled both in academic and extra-curricular activities. The past graduated scholars have excelled in their IGCSE examinations and gained admission into Universities in Nigeria and abroad also on scholarship. This has encouraged us greatly as we see that the scholarship has helped these indigent students develop exceptional talents and improve their self- confidence, to become role models to the Nigerian society and the world at large.

Words From Beneficiaries

  • The Root of Success I am indeed privileged to have attended Day Waterman College through its Scholarship Scheme. The institution has given me different formative backgrounds that have made me who I am today: a vibrant studious student who desires to attain greater heights. With the help of well trained and qualified teachers, I have been able to build myself to be a better person. Also, constant engagement in extracurricular activities like Debate Mate honed my public speaking skills. Besides, getting fit through different sports moulded me into a strong versatile scholar. Doubtlessly, I am honoured to be studying for my A’ levels in Nigeria, all thanks to Day Waterman College Scholarship Scheme.

    Oluwaseun Sangolade
    Class of 2018
  • I graduated with the 2015 set. Assuredly, my time at the college represents the best five years of my life so far. At Day Waterman College, I had access to world-class facilities that I would never have dreamt of. Also, the teachers were the best available.

    I am really grateful that I got the opportunity to study at Day Waterman College, and I sincerely appreciate everyone that made it possible, most especially the members of the Day Waterman College Scholarship Committee who have made it a duty to uphold the dreams of the Late Mr. Tayo Aderinokun as regards helping the underprivileged to get a chance of a bright future, which only standard education can guarantee.

    As a beneficiary of the Day Waterman College Scholarship Scheme, I can confidently declare that it has greatly contributed to the man I have and can become. It covered all my expenses at Day Waterman College and allowed me to study freely in the kind of space that can only be associated with the “rich” in the society.

    Even after the five-year programme at Day Waterman College, the scheme still made substantial efforts to help me further my education as I am currently a final year student of Mass Communication at Pan-Atlantic University, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos.

    This beautiful initiative that I have enjoyed from DayWaterman College is one that every underprivileged child out there needs, therefore, I urge for more donors for the DWC scholarship scheme. With this, we give our beautiful nation a better fighting chance against corruption and all the other ills battling us at this present time and the future

    Adewale Jolaoso
    Class of 2015
  • In September 2013, I joined the Day Waterman College community through the indigenous Scholarship Scheme. Of course, I was grateful for the opportunity to access world-class education but that was only one way in which this scholarship impacted me.

    My five years at Day Waterman College irrevocably changed me; it shaped me into the person I am today both academically and personally. Within its classrooms, I discovered both my academic interests and a desire to put my learning into practice for the good of those around me. With its students and staff, I honed my confidence and social skills. In the comfort of its boarding houses, I sharpened independence and decision-making adroitness, among other invaluable skills. However, my future benefited most from the scheme. In my first few years, I was unsure of everything: what subjects I liked, what career I wanted to pursue, where I wanted to study and so on. Nevertheless, over the course of several career days and my work experience programme, I changed my career choice several times and refined my interests with help from my teachers, whose interest and willingness to help was amazing.

    Finally, I have made my choice: I plan to study medicine. Although a herculean task, I have learned perseverance from Day Waterman College. With the right mindset, there is nothing in this world that can stop me from reaching my goals. The preparation for the post-secondary life I received and the skills I developed in DWC are already smoothing my path in A-level education in the United Kingdom whichwas also achieved on full scholarship.

    Sincerely, I appreciate the donors, Scholarship Committee and Board Members for their selfless support to keep the vision of the founder of Day Waterman College, Late. Mr. Tayo Aderinokun.

    Favour Okpapi
    Class of 2018
  • As a Day Waterman College scholarship recipient, I am so thankful to the generous donors and Board of Directors that helped make my dreams happen. Their contribution has truly been an investment in my life.

    Day Waterman College scholarship opened new opportunities for me and other scholars. Through Day Waterman College, I was able to gain admission into the Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos on full scholarship. Recently, I graduated with a Second Class Upper in Business Administration from there. Day Waterman College has helped to shape me into the couth individual I am today: a person of integrity, character and charisma. Day Waterman College provided me with a conducive learning environment which impacted knowledge and character in me. I am proud to be an Alumni of Day Waterman College.

    Sincerely, I hope the scholarship donors understand the impact that their gifts have on the beneficiaries of the scheme studying in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Hence, the Board of Directors and donors should keep the lofty dreams of Late Mr. Tayo Aderinokun alive and sustain the scholarship scheme.

    Again, I am ever grateful for the investment and opportunities availed me by the Day Waterman College Students Scholarship Scheme. Every act of kindness is like a ripple in a pond, and this influence and impact are reaching far beyond the obvious.

    Ifeanyichukwu Josiah
    Class of 2013
  • DWC Scholarship: A Metamorphic Impact
    In 2014, I graduated from Day Waterman College and the impact that the Day Waterman College Scholarship Scheme has had on my life cannot be overstated.
    At Day Waterman College, I received a well-rounded education which surpassed my expectations. Academically, it was challenging but extremely fulfilling. In addition, because of the world-class facilities of the school, I was able to explore other passions, such as music and sports. The staff provided all kinds of support – mental, spiritual, academic, and emotional. My education at Day Waterman College put me on a path to greatness as I received another scholarship to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at the United World College of the Adriatic in Italy.
    I am currently a third year student of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at Macalester College in the United States on full scholarship as well. Forever, I am grateful that I had the privilege of being one of the recipients of the DWC scholarship scheme.
    To the founder of Day Waterman College, Late Mr. Tayo Aderinokun, the Scholarship Committee, Board Members and donors, I would like to express my gratitude. As a result of their generosity, I received an excellent secondary education which has opened many other doors to me in life. I hope that God continue to bless them, as they continue to bless young Nigerians with this opportunity of a lifetime.

    Hosea Ogeleka
    Class of 2014
  • The Day Waterman College scholarship platform has personally improved not only my academic life but behaviour, character and integrity. I, OGBECHE FREDRICK ODEY, have been a great beneficiary and witness to the good work of Day Waterman College Scholarship Board which has aided the underprivileged in the society as they have moulded me to portray humility, courage, confidence, intelligence and a plethora of other virtues.
    Even after the five-year programme in Day Waterman College, the scholarship board still strived to ensure that I received another scholarship to further my education. Currently, I am studying for accelerated A’ level programme at Educational Advancement Centre, Ibadan in Oyo State.
    I wish every child in need of quality education could be a part of this transformative scheme. Therefore, I urge for more donors to commit themselves financially towards sustaining this laudable vision that would impact our nation.
    Change starts from Day Waterman College because we are aimed at “Achieving the most demanding standards available anywhere in the world.”

    Fredrick Ogbeche
    Class of 2018
  • Day Waterman College scholarship scheme has made an incredibly positive impact on my life, which has tremendously influenced my academic journey and life as a whole. This was only made possible by the great scholarship vision of our late founder, Mr. Olutayo Aderinokun.
    In the words of the late founder, “…no child should be left behind in the educational race of life by way of poverty or lack.” That statement was one of the things that gave me the opportunity to attend this wonderful school. The blend of lifestyles from different backgrounds and the curriculum has enriched my life.
    Importantly, I want to use this medium to display my immense appreciation to all the donors who have contributed to the scheme that has kept me in school from Year 7 up to my current year. These donors have been instrumental to my life and education, and their contribution will always be acknowledged because it made a difference. Without my donors and the Board of Governors, my education would have been haphazard, but with them I became smarter, more experienced and my future is better secured.
    Finally, I urge the donors to please continue donating to help sustain this scheme that has given me such bright future.

    Lateef Adebayo
    Class of 2019
  • The scholarship opportunity created by the late Founder, Mr Tayo Aderinokun has been of great benefit to me. It gives me the opportunity of having quality education.
    The School has led me to the digital world where technology is necessary. Over the years in Day Waterman College (DWC), I have also been able to adapt to the school’s system of education. Aside from the academic work, the extra-curricular activities have been of great interest and I have been able to make good friends who have challenged me to be much better in all areas. I want to thank the philanthropists (those sponsoring my scholarship) and pray that God will continue to enrich them. I am also grateful to the Board of Governors and all the staff DWC for impacting me with their knowledge.
    Finally and just like Oliver Twist, I would like to solicit for the kindhearted donors to keep the vision of the Late Founder alive in order to reach out to more students like me who will positively impact the Nigerian Society.

    Chukwumazuru Eze
    Year 10
  • The Day Waterman College scholarship vision of late Mr. Olutayo Aderinokun, is aimed to shape the academic life of students who, like me, do not have the financial capacity to receive such world-class education.
    My utmost aspiration has always been getting the best education I can ever be offered. Education is the best legacy in a man’s life and to the society.
    As a new scholarship student in year 7, the first thought that crossed my mind was how I was going to adjust to a different system of education and the new environment. Over the years, the experience has been wonderful and a great learning process.
    Day Waterman College has positively impacted my character and leadership traits. The vast number of teachers in the school have also guided me academically to achieve excellence.
    I would like to request that the magnificent donors continue to donate to make an impact on the life of every less privileged child out there through the Day Waterman Scholarship Scheme. I truly appreciate your role in making my life better and making me a proud scholarship student of Day Waterman College.

    Khaosara Akintoye
    Class of 2019
  • My family and I are grateful to the donors who fund the Day Waterman College Scholarship Scheme. We cannot thank them enough as most people in this world would not be so generous to donate their money to other children. I am so delighted to be a scholarship student in Day Waterman College, where I enjoy the highest standard of education available anywhere in the world, which has immensely impacted my academic life and shaped my character through the vision of the founder, Late Mr. Olutayo Aderinokun.
    I would like to use this medium to reach out to the donors and plead that they keep sponsoring the scholarship scheme and give us the opportunity to finish to the best of our abilities.

    Mariam Abiola
    Class of 2019

It was Tayo’s vision that no child should be left behind in the educational race of life by way of poverty or lack.