Student Leadership is an integral part of the college that gives the students the opportunity to lead and explore their leadership skills.

The body of student leadership comprises of;

  1. The Prefects
  2. Student Representative Council
  3. Student Mentors
  4. Student Librarians


The appointment to the position of prefect is an honour bestowed on a student by the School. The term ‘Prefect’ comes from the Latin Praefectus meaning ‘the one who stands in front’. In Day Waterman College, a prefect is a student who has been given a responsibility within the school and in this role have a number of duties they must perform. These are in three main areas.

  • The prefect as a Student Leader
  • The Prefect as an example to other students.
  • The Prefect as an Ambassador for the school.


For more information on student leadership please contact;

Miss Elizabeth Keshinro
Mr Temitayo Ogunti