Student Leadership


Student Leadership is an integral part of the college that gives the students the opportunity to lead and explore their leadership skills.

The body of student leadership comprises of;

  1. The Prefects
  2. Student Representative Council
  3. Student Mentors
  4. Student Librarians

The appointment to the position of prefect is an honour bestowed on a student by the School. The term ‘Prefect’ comes from the Latin Praefectus meaning ‘the one who stands in front’. In Day Waterman College, a prefect is a student who has been given a responsibility within the school and in this role have a number of duties they must perform. These are in three main areas.

  • The prefect as a Student Leader
  • The Prefect as an example to other students.
  • The Prefect as an Ambassador for the school.


The Students Representative Council (SRC) is a group of student leaders in all forms representing the interest of their class mates.

Day Waterman College has five arms/forms for Year 7 to 11, and two members are voted by the class to be the Representatives.

The SRC is broken down into;

  • President
  • Deputy President – Academic
  • Deputy President – Pastoral

The whole group is further divided into the following working and brainstorming sets;

Academic: Teaching and Learning, School Affairs, Publicity

Pastoral: Social, Charity, Sports


These are students who have shown excellent leadership skills during their stay in the boarding house. The Student Mentors are selected by the House team to carry out their responsibilities in the Hostel.

Two Mentors who are Year 9s’ are appointed by each boarding house.


Student Librarians are also part of the student leadership of the school. These set of leaders are screened and interviewed before they are selected by the staff of the library. This creates an opportunity for the students showcase their leadership skills as well as learn the library routines, activities and culture.

For more information about our Students’ Representative Council please contact;