Higher Achievers

At Day Waterman College we believe that every student is entitled to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. We endeavour to ensure that ALL our students demonstrate ability that is exceptional through the setting of demanding targets in each subject studied. Higher achievement includes the area of general intellectual ability, specific aptitude and talent, leadership, creative or performing arts, physical prowess. Various and varied methods and strategies are used for teaching ALL students to ensure they achieve beyond expectation. Opportunities for students to reveal, apply and extend their abilities are best met through a curriculum which is differentiated, creative, challenging and offers a range of responses, all of which dovetail into the Founder’s stated target of ‘surpassing the most demanding standards’ of any educational establishment in the world. Each student meets with the Principal, Vice Principal – Academics, Head of Year and Form Tutor every six weeks to discuss their progress and to identify any barrier to further progress. At these meetings the student is congratulated on attainment achieved as well as being informed about where improvement is sought.

Every six weeks Day Waterman College identifies the top ten performing students from each year group. These students are acknowledged at the whole school assembly. Those students who have made significant achievement in terms of House Points are also recognised.