We offer full boarding with modern and family-friendly boarding for around 500 girls and boys. It is exciting, stimulating and truly provides a home away from home!

There are 10 Boarding Houses in Day Waterman College: five for boys – Olaifa, Olayiwola, Olutayo, olufunlade and Olukayode; and five for girls – Yejide, Adebisi, Gbemisola, Ireoluwa and Olufunlola. This will no doubt satisfy the curiosity of most parents. The Boarding Houses are named after the family of the late Founder Mr. Tayo Aderinokun.

We have 3 House Team Members – House Parent, Assistant House Parent and Matron. All our matrons are qualified nurses with years of experience.

All the rooms are air conditioned with either 2 or 3 beds/room. The rooms in Olufunlade, Olukayode, Ireoluwa & Olufunlola Houses for the older students have been set up with personal study space with tables and book shelves.

The students are very comfortable in their Boarding Houses because in addition to the infrastructure the Boarding House Teams provide care, support, warmth and love for each child. The students in each House draw up a constitution binding on all occupants that highlights commandments and sanctions. These are taken seriously as no-one wants to let the House down.

The Tuck Shop in each House, run by the students under the supervision of the House Teams, teaches entrepreneurship and responsibility. Students visit the shop once a week on Saturday.

There is a vibrant activity program which continues to grow each term. Every student will be able to engage in an activity of interest; those on offer include various sports, Performing Arts (look forward to the variety of productions to be staged in the DWC Arts Center – remember Macbeth, The Rocky Monster Show, and What a Knight!), the Gavel Club, learning how to play instruments of choice, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award etc.

Food! Yes, that is very important and the catering staff does an excellent job of providing healthy meals presented attractively. The menu is carefully planned and students do have an input from the Food Focus Group of the Student Representative Council (SRC). A few Year 7s have already told me they love the DWC meals!

The Medical Centre is manned 24/7 by a resident doctor and four nurses. Parents are contacted immediately a medical situation arises and if a parent prefers to take the child home for treatment (within reason) this is permitted.

The body, soul and spirit are catered for. On Sundays a Rev. Father comes into celebrate mass, an Imam comes in on Fridays and Sundays while an Interdenominational Service is conducted by a Resident Pastor for the rest of the students. Every student is expected to attend a worship service. On Visiting Day parents are invited to join in these services.