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Learning Resource Centre

Learning Resource Centre

Students can also belong to the DWC’s Readers Club.  We meet once a week and have “open workshop” one day a week, after school.  

Located in the heart of the college campus is the LRC. This is a superb and innovative building that has been designed to inspire and attract students. Its welcoming environment has areas for relaxed reading as well as a large study area.
It has generous shelving and storage areas, Librarian’s office, different collections’ corners, flexible reading area, Teaching area, 2 ICT Rooms, Repographic Department and 100 internet/networked computers.

Our Library team encourages reading for the sheer joy of it – whether a story that transports us to other realms or a text that informs us about new ideas or perspectives. We enjoy helping students select reading that will engage and challenge them as well as improve the quality of research skills at each level of student development.

The Collection

We have a substantial collection of over 15,000 books, periodicals, audio-visuals etc for students, teachers and parents. We have a wide variety of non-fiction titles selected to enhance the academic curriculum (IGCSE to IB Diploma) as well as many general interest topics. Our fiction section is equally diverse in terms of genre, reading and interest levels. Most books are in English, but we do have a range of titles in French, Spanish, Italian and Yoruba languages. We are keen for your recommendations for our purchase of new titles. Donations of high quality books are always appreciated!

Library Access

Students are welcome to the library either individually before registration, break times, after school and during their non-contact periods at any time for book exchange, research or individual study time or they may be accompanied by their teachers during library periods.
We are open Monday to Saturday.

Borrowing and Lending

Students can borrow two books for one week.
Books can be renewed for an extra week, if a hold has not already been placed. Extra books can be checked out under certain conditions (e.g. summer reading or IB Extended Essay research). There are overdue fines for late books, but prompt return is appreciated. If books are lost they must be paid for before more books can be checked out, or for school reports or transfer records to be issued by DWC.

Using the Catalogue

Our library’s easy-to-use electronic catalogue is linked to all school computers and makes title selection a simple process. Our on-line databases are also an excellent research tool; from Encyclopedias to College-level academic journal articles. All Library computers have internet access and students can save their research on USB devices or print if necessary.
Feel free to come and browse the collection. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Strategic Directions for 2019 – 2021

  • Improve the User Experience
    Understand library users’ (curriculum areas) needs and library experiences and use that information to shape collections, spaces, and services.
  • Provide Digital Content, Tools & Services
    Provide services and resources in formats that best fit user needs. Make access to resources available from every computer in the school. In a digital world, we must shift our efforts increasingly toward the support of digital content, tools and services.
  • Develop New Learning & Teaching Partnerships
    Ensure that the Library provides the best possible support for learning and teaching by developing new strategies for working with teachers and students, collaborate by working with teachers and students, collaborating with other groups to ensure the latest information is available at its disposal.
  • Support DWC Priorities
    Articulate how the Library collections, services, and initiatives align with the school’s priorities of excellence in teaching and teaching, internationalization, interdisciplinary, and knowledge in the service of society.
  • Enhance Library Spaces
    Ensure that the Library use of physical space develops in coordination with the evolution of the teaching and learning needs of DWC.

Julian Ezuma

Head, Learning Resources Centre