DWC Team

DWC Team

The most important resource in any school is the staff and the College has gone to great lengths in ensuring that the staff recruited are the very best available. Students are morally guided and inculcated with sound principles by experienced, certified teachers who are committed to the aims and ethos of Day Waterman College

Senior Leadership Team

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Curriculum Leader / Heads of Department

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Heads of Year

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English Department

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Modern & Foreign Languages Department

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Humanities Department

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Maths & ICT Department

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Science Department

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Art Department

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Learning Resource Centre

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Counselling Department

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Administrative Department

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Boarding House Teams

Olaifa Boarding House
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Olayiwola Boarding House
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Olukayode Boarding House
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Olufunlade Boarding House
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Adebisi Boarding House
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Gbemisola Boarding House
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Olufunlola Boarding House
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Ireoluwa Boarding House
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