Counselling at DWC

Counselling at DWC focuses on helping students and staff address personal or emotional challenges/issues that may affect them while studying or working in the College. The Guidance Counsellor is always available for students who are going through a difficult time or just need advice and support at crucial turning points in their lives, keeping up academically and socially, transitioning from home to school, handling the challenges of being a teenager, discovering their personal potential and to assist staff in addressing psychological challenges that may prevent them from living worthy and productive lives.

The Counselling Department at DWC is supervised by the Vice Principal (Pastoral).

Counsellor’s profile

 Beatrice Abolade is a professional Counsellor with M.Ed in Educational Psychology and School Counselling from the University of Ibadan. She has over nine years’ experience working and relating closely with children and teenagers by providing advice and support to student who need help academically, psychologically, emotionally etc. she uses various diagnostics psychological instruments to help students learn and grow and also create environment for students to find their paths to successful adult life. She is a member of the Counselling Association of Nigeria (CASSON).

Day Waterman College Guidance and Counselling provides the following services for students:

  • Individual Counselling
  • Academic Support services
  • Group Counselling
  • Organising Counselling programmes at different levels
  • Socio-personal Counselling
  • Career Support (Transition)