Merit & Award System

A  Merit System is in place to recognise and reward students’ outstanding performance in class and co-curricular activities, character and community service.

We aim to encourage all students to do their best at school and our merit award system is another step in shaping a positive future for our students at Day Waterman College.


The Philosophy

The philosophy behind the merit system is to assist and affirm students in their striving to achieve greater self-discipline and personal excellence in many areas of the college life and in the wider community.

There are 5 levels of recognition

1.      Bronze award – 25points
2.      Silver award – 50points
3.      Gold award – 75points
4.      Diamond award – 100points
5.      Platinum award – 125points

Others will include Principal’s Award (150points) with a Letter of Commendation and the Award Honour Board (600points).

Individual students are given a certificate when they have achieved stipulated targets.

There are two categories of DWC Merits: Academic Merit Award and House/House Colour Point Competition Merit Award with specific guidelines put in place in awarding these merits.

We believe this is a great incentive for students to work towards achieving their own personal best or to set achievable goals and work.