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Science At DWC

Students can also belong to the DWC’s Inventors Club.  We meet once a week and have “open workshop” one day a week, after school.  

Day after day, at Day Waterman College students minds are sensitized with various scientific theories that are meant to ignite their young minds to wonder, think about the world around them and create idea to make the world a better place. They are guided to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. Scientific theories are brought to them in a fun way that allows them to not only find the better alternatives but to also think outside the box and confidently put forward their own ideas. These are achieved with the expertise of our experienced, warm and professional teachers.

Curriculum Summary


Science at KS3 is basically a combination of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These three aspects of science are taught through experimental investigations. At Day Waterman College, students follow the CAIE checkpoint curriculum at Key stage three. This is a three year volume design that culminate in Checkpoint examination. Since its inception, the department has produced students who made 6.0 in all the three sciences. This curriculum is driven majorly by our experienced and dedicated staff, excellent facilities and modern learning tools like the, smart boards, online learning platforms and other learning materials. All KS3 students get four hours of science lesson every week. Also, booster lessons for those who need it.

At year 9, science is split into Physics, Chemistry and Biology in order to prepare the students even better for Checkpoint examination and help them see more into each of the subjects, so as to make informed subject choices in KS4.


Key stage 4 is a two year level that leads to IGCSE examinations. At this stage, all students are expected to choose a minimum of one science subject which puts each in option groups for learning convenience and making appropriate career choices. Over the years, the department has produced outstanding students with uncommon A* in all the three sciences. The department has also produced national best students in Biology two times. At KS4, students are not only prepared for IGCSE examination, they are also prepared for college and university life.
Each science subject is allocated three hours of contact each week at KS4.


The science department celebrate the annual WORLD SCIENCE DAY at Day Waterman College. This takes place every November, highlights of the day include live on stage experiment, Inter-Colour house video competition and Inter-Colour House quiz completion.

In 2018, Science department took part in COBIS science VIDEO competition and came first position for its clearest explanation.

In 2019, Science department took part in in the same competition. This time it emerged;

  • First runner up in KS3 category
  • First position in KS4/KS5 Categories.